Ansys Sign-In Help

/Ansys Account
Ansys Account is a single sign-in solution that enables you to sign in one time and use a single set of credentials to access multiple Ansys products, services, and websites.

You are prompted to create an Ansys Account when you do either of the following for the first time: 

  • Request a free trial of subscription-based software 
  • Download an app from the Ansys Store 

If your company has purchased subscriptions, an administrator may add you to the subscription user pool. When this happens, an Ansys Account is created for you automatically if you do not already have one. When a subscription is assigned to you, you will need to sign in to the product or service to begin using it. 

To sign in to a subscription-based product or service: 

  1. In the Sign In dialog, enter the email address associated with your Ansys Account. 

  2. Click Continue. 

  3. If you had an Ansys Account prior to being assigned a subscription, enter your Ansys Account password. Otherwise, if an Ansys Account has been created for you, create and confirm a password. 

  4. Click Sign In. 

  5. If you are signing in to your Ansys Account for the first time, or you are resetting your password, an email is sent to you that contains a verification code. Enter the code in the Verification Code field, then click Verify Email. 

  6. If prompted for your phone number, enter it in the field provided. The phone number will only be used to verify your account for added security. 

  7. When prompted, specify how you would like to receive your verification code. To receive a code via text message, click Send Code. To receive a code via a phone call, click Call Me. 

  8. Once you receive your verification code, enter it in the verification code field. 

 Upon successful verification of your email address, you are signed in to your Ansys Account, and have full access to the product or service.